Monday, November 17, 2008

Who's Now?

In what was quite possibly the nadir of ESPN's never-ending attempt to revolutionize the world of sports, this abstract competition was just downright absurd. What was even more asinine was the panel discussions that were held during Sportscenter with four to five personalities debating over a completely nonsensical competition.

"Well I think that Dwayne Wade is definitely more Now than Shaun White because he lives in Miami and is in the spotlight more than White, thus making way Wade more Now than him"

That is not an exact quote but nonetheless you get the point. Hey ESPN, you know what's Now? What's 'now' is you wasting my time with your farcical and irrelevant competitions. Oh you want me to vote online? How about a write-in vote for punting the executive that approved this into a ceiling fan? That almost certainly would have received more votes than the eventual winner, Tiger Woods. This was officially the worst competition since the advent of "Slamball," which I actually enjoyed watching more than this jargon.

Upon completion of the segment, ESPN released the following statement...

"No single topic has ever drawn the volume and intensity of unsolicited complaints to either my or my predecessor's mailbox that this sports popularity contest has."

So one would think that they would learn from this mistake, but judging by "The Greatest Highlight with Chris Berman" that was subsequently aired, that was not the case.

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