Thursday, November 20, 2008

We Want to Know How You Feel

So the other morning I was getting my daily dose of SportsCenter and the ever-present SportsNation poll popped up: "Which team has better running backs: The New York Giants or Tennessee Titans?" Now maybe because I am not a die-hard Giants or Titans fan or because I don't have any of the five running backs on my fantasy squad I could really care less. In fact, I have never felt compelled to vote in a SportsNation poll no matter how passionate I am about the question. Call me crazy but I am not searching for the nearest computer every time a poll pops up just so I can feel more like a member of SportsNation. What amazes me even more is the people that text in their answers. Uhhh what? I know we live in a democracy but how can anyone really care that much about the outcome of any of these polls to text an answer in?

I guess it boils down to giving fans a voice, an opinion of what is always so openly expressed by the representatives of ESPN. For example, you can rest assured that anytime SportsCenter anchor Josh Elliott is on air, he will make a snide comment about the BCS, "Come on, people! We need a playoff!" That is not to say that having a college football playoff is right or wrong but I can guarantee you if a playoff were to be adapted, Elliott would never live it down. And what does SportsNation think about a playoff? Just ask the only respondent from the state of Hawaii who has faith there will be a playoff in less than five years. You see? Hawaii knows what’s up. Their relaxed nature tells them that these polls aren’t necessary and they have better things to do with their time, like do the limbo or drink coconut juice- both of which I would rather do than vote for SportsNation.

So who has the better running backs? SportsNation seems to think the Giants do. Or at least 49 out of 50 states with Tennessee the only state in favor of Slash and Dash; thank goodness the home state pulled it out! So you want to know how I feel ESPN? I feel great, comfortable on my couch, orange juice in hand, eating some cereal. I look forward to not voting again tomorrow.

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Josh said...

I never vote in those polls, but they are tolerable. At least we're no longer being bombarded with the worldwide leader trying to determine who is more NOW. Brutal.