Monday, November 17, 2008

Skippy Bayless

Looks like we have a growing interest in the blog and I would like to thank Deadspin for featuring my blog on the site:

I would like to also point out that while I do express my disapproval about various gimmicks and segments on ESPN, I do watch the channel frequently and will continue to do so until another channel is on ESPN's level with sports coverage. With that being said, this is just an outlet for me to vent my frustrations with ESPN and some of their content.

Which brings me to my next bone to pick with ESPN: Skip Bayless

This man is quite possibly the biggest moron that has ever been on television. His arrogance is only rivaled by that of Chad "Ocho Cinco." His condescending nature and stubbornness are the main reasons why I find it so difficult to watch 'Cold Pizza' whenever I have a chance. Can this guy please just make one intelligent observation for me? Because I have yet to witness that.

I tuned in not too long ago to 'Cold Pizza' and to my dismay Bayless was arguing his case about how field goal kicking should be eliminated from the game of football. Uhhh what? This is an actual excerpt from a column of his on ESPN's Page 2 site:

"Once more: Field-goal kicking should be eliminated from football. Punting and kickoffs should remain. But if teams decide not to punt on fourth down, they should be forced to go for it (and either fail or score a touchdown), just as they should have to go for two after scoring a touchdown"

Hey Skip while we are at it, why don't we just eliminate running backs, too? Field goal kicking is arguably the most important aspect of a football game and often times provides the most excitement and appeal to the game. While many kickers go unnoticed Of course Skip's argument was that gridiron warriors shouldn't have to play their hearts out and have to watch as some former soccer player decides the outcome of the game. Clearly this is a personal jab at any place kicker in the NFL and an attempt for Skip to inflate his ever-increasing ego. Field goal kickers are some of the most talented and underrated players in professional sports. What gives Skip Bayless the right to undermine this talent and propose that they should be eliminated from the game? The fact that he can run a marathon? Yea him and thousands of other people....I bet all 32 starting kickers in the NFL would lay Skip Bayless on his @ss given the opportunity. In fact, I would actually pay a pretty penny to see Sebastian Janikowski throw a haymaker and put Bayless out. Given Sebastian's track record, I think it would be pretty interesting to have him on as a guest for Cold Pizza. It is a wonder (albeit joke) how Bayless continues to be gainfully employed by ESPN.

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