Friday, November 14, 2008

Michael Vick

Can someone please explain to me how Michael Vick wanting to play football when he gets out of the can is somehow newsworthy?  What on God's green earth do you think he is going to do?  Go back to school and finish up his degree (I'm not sure what that would be for but my intuition tells me 'general studies') and get a job?  I highly doubt that Vick is going to be getting out of the klink and putting his resume on Careerbuilder.  I would venture to say that outside of the Vick family, quivering pit bulls across the country, and NFL general managers that there are zero people that actually were wondering or care what is going to happen when Vick gets out of the slammer.  Yet another prime example of how ESPN chooses what their audience wants to be informed of and floods all facets of their media outlets with their flavor of the week (in most cases even longer than a week).  I would rather watch The Notebook...twice...than have to hear about this hot garbage until Vick gets released.  


JEldes said...

One way or another, Ed Werder probably loves staying in a hotel right next to the Virginia state penitentiary.

We are probably not too far off from having a Mike Vick category on the 'bottom line'.

Tom said...

Did you know that Brett Favre is coming year?
Yeah, it's true. Also, how about Matt Weiner (Winer) changing the spelling of his name? What a p*nis.