Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Plaxico Burress Entertainment Network

Hey did you guys know that Plaxico shot himself in the leg? BREAKING NEWS: PLAXICO BURRESS SHOOTS HIMSELF IN LEG.... Every time I turn on ESPN, the updates and coverage of this issue are beyond absurd. You can't get away from it. I feel like I'm 4 again and my mother is force feeding me chewable grape tylenol that tastes like chalk. Make. It. Stop. Please.

I saw a recent letter to that said something about how it seems like more and more athletes are getting into trouble nowadays when compared to athletes in the 1980s and before. On the surface that is a valid observation but if you think about it there are many other reasons for this perception. ESPN is so quick to report on Pacman, Plaxico, Tank Johnson, Michael Vick, and others who have been involved in off-the-field incidents. Do they really have to mention more than once that Charles Barkley owes a casino money? That half of Tour De France is on performance enhancing drugs?

ESPN certainly does a fantastic job covering all of the depressing and negative issues surrounding athletes but the reality is that there is far more good being done by other athletes than the 1-2% that get all the news coverage for their criminal blunders. Did you know that Warrick Dunn established the Warrick Dunn Foundation and helped over 74 single parents buy homes for their families by paying the entire down payment? Or that Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood puts on a bowling tournament every year to raise funds for Children's Memorial Hospital? How about Derek Jeter's Turn 2 Foundation that helps teenagers avoid drug and alcohol abuse? I could go on but you get the point. Don't let ESPN's coverage of a miniscule amount of players allow you to forget that their are a significant number of honorable people in professional sports. I, for one, would like to hear more about that.


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