Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Creating News When Convenient

It is no secret that ESPN loves the big mouths and big attitudes in sports. If an ESPN personality is every pressed for content, stick a mike in TO's face and ask him about Jeff Garcia/ex-publicists/Donovan McNabb/Romo and Witten's man-crush and you have an immediate story no questions asked. TO is ESPN's cash cow.

The same is obviously not true for Cris Carter. In fact, it is the exact opposite. Cris "The Assassin" Carter is the anti-TO in more ways then one when he eloquently stated "I take one bullet and put it right in him. Bam!" Carter has since sheepishly addressed that statement claiming that somehow he didn't want to kill TO but was rather 'recommending a personnel decision' ( As if personnel decisions involved gunpowder.

That is fine that Carter said he used the wrong words, I expect that. Unless, of course, he and Rae Carruth are working on something we don't know about. But that comment was just as loaded as Tim Hardaway's anti-gay comments. ESPN jumped all over that story and others like the snitch in the Cowboys lockerroom or every time Ozzie Guillen opens his mouth, to name a few.

Yet there is nothing on ESPN's website anywhere related to the comment. Type in "Cris Carter" and "bullet" into google and get 100,000+ hits yet search for it on ESPN and get no hits other than some Dolphins receiver who is apparently named Cris Carter. Had this been a 'normal' non-ESPN affiliated comment, you can be sure we would now have TO's feedback, Carter's written apology, what gun Carter would have used and how Antonio Pierce would have hid the gun.

This story could be monumental as it relates to violence in sports. Have we forgotten about Plaxico "Safety Trigger" Burress and the over-dose of information ESPN bestowed upon us less than one month ago? Wouldn't a follow-up story on guns and violence seem logical here? Carter and Burress might only be the tip of the iceberg but we will never know because ESPN won't touch the issue as it pertains to one of their own employees.

Why does ESPN get immunity in these situations? If only to show that ESPN doesn't have an agenda with every single story, I want to know. Apparently all ESPN wants right now is for this Cris Carter issue to go away. How convenient. "Bang!"

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